Grant Scoring Matrix

This scoring matrix provides a structured approach to evaluate applications for hardship and educational grants, emphasising the charity’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and ensuring that supported initiatives align with ethical, social, and environmental values.




Applicant Falls Within (A-D)

Is the Applicant within the scope of the Foundation?


FAIL if not one or more of:

a) Persons employed or formerly employed by the Evo Group and/or its subsidiaries, customers and companies in its supply chains from time to time.

b) Those working in the wider office supplies, warehousing and distribution industries.

c) The spouses, civil partners, partners, immediate family members and dependents of (a) and (b) above.

d) Members of the public and organisations within the local communities in the areas where Evo Group, its subsidiaries, customers and suppliers operate.



Category Criteria Weighting (1-5) Score (1-5) Weighted Score
Benefit to Applicant

How important is the request to the applicant’s ability to undertake the educational activity (or for hardship applications, to their quality of life)?

1 = minor benefit only

3 = useful but not essential

5 = essential

Applicant Income

Is the applicant receiving financial support (e.g. from the state)?

1 = no

2 = yes, <25% of total income

3 = yes, 25-50% of total income

4 = yes, 51-99% of total income

5 = yes, no other income


Applicant Wealth


Does the applicant have available funds (e.g. savings) to cover the requested grant?

1 = yes (5+ x requested grant)

2 = yes (3-4 x requested grant)

3 = yes (2 x requested grant)

4 = yes (1 x requested grant)

5 = no



Category Criteria Weighting (1-5) Score (1-5) Weighted Score
Social Impact Awarding this grant will promote social mobility (e.g. career development for the disadvantaged). 3
Environmental Responsibility Awarding this grant will promote environmental sustainability. 3
Diversity and Inclusion Awarding this grant will promote diversity and inclusion in education. 3
Community Engagement Awarding this grant will deliver value for the applicant’s local community. 3
Innovation in Education Awarding this grant will support innovative educational approaches (including the use of technology). 3

Scoring Guidelines:

1-2: Limited alignment with CSR principles.

2-3: Moderate alignment with CSR principles.

4-5: Strong alignment with CSR principles.